Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I get to go see Siaga on Saturday. :) I really have to take a tape measure this time though, so that I can also get a measure or two over his back while he has his saddle on.

I'm going to make a pair of saddle bags. The main challenge of creating these bags is that my saddle, being of cheap and common make, has no d-rings on the back, nor any tie-down straps. SO... The bags won't have anything to fasten to, therefore, the strap that goes over his back will be divided into two straps, one that sits on the back jockey of the saddle, and the other that is going to go around the cantle and sit on the seat of the saddle, which I will sit on. To keep them from sliding and bouncing on his sides, I'm going to attach strings to the back of each bag which will be tied snuggle to the billet holes of the back cinch, or to the flank strap itself, depending on where I determine I want the bags to sit for ease of reach. I think I might even add a water bottle holder onto the front of the bags for trail riding, though the bags will be big enough that a water bottle or two will fit in them.

I called up Shannon yesterday and asked how the farrier visit went, and she said he did very well with the farrier, but somehow I believe he really gave them all hell, though all of his feet did get trimmed, which is great. So great. I'm so relieved that the farrier survived unscathed, as did Siaga.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I got in my breeches and my boots. Everything fits nice and it's all quite comfy. It finally came in, after much trepidation, yesterday, and the mailman practically scared the crap out of me, since I was sitting facing away from the door and reading and old journal of mine and laughing at myself when he started pounding on the door.

I might have a chance to visit him on Sunday ... I really wish I could go on Saturday, since that is when he is getting his hooves trimmed, but Jonathon will be working then... :(