Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Big updates!

Well, last Saturday, on the 22 of February, my friends and I went back to Last Chance Corral again to see all the babies and take a hefty donation!

The view from the road.
This bay and the buckskin filly in the middle were both adopted while we were there.

My other update is that.... I bought a horse trailer! It's in pretty good condition, mostly needs some minor repairs and some cosmetic touch ups, but it's already super cute as it is.

Some of the floor boards under the mats need to be torn out and replaced, some new pins for the top halves of the back doors, and some serious cleaning and replacing the spare tire and a couple of the pads on the inside need replaced, too. But, I got a good price on it and even haggled the starting price down a couple hundred bucks!