Friday, March 14, 2014

Riding season is upon us!

Well and so...

I bought a new saddle, bridle, breast collar, reins, saddle pad, girth, wither strap for the breast collar, and a few other things. In other words, an entirely new tack set, of the Western variety.

I used to ride western primarily until I learned a bit more about saddle fit and how my western saddle was damaging my horses back, wherein I completely overhauled. I jumped in headfirst and bought my horse a set of English tack, starting with a Wintec dressage saddle with an easy-change gullet system. I've taken dressage lessons and really learned how to hold myself in the saddle.

Missing the Western riding, I dug back into it (with a flying leap) and bought a whole tack set in preparation for the trail riding season. I applied to the Ohio Horseman's Council (I'm still waiting to hear back from them) and I've already been out to ride once this season.

The saddle fits well, though it's a smidge long and certainly makes him look so tiny! But then again, he is tiny! And the breast collar is definitely too big, I'll have to punch some holes in the straps and get the wither strap on there when it comes in, which will help hold it up where it's supposed to be.

Siaga was also so *thrilled* to be my coat hanger for a few minutes while I prepared to switch out his bridle for his halter. At least I can 100% say that my horse is not afraid of bright blue and white plaid flannel shirts.

Seriously though, he's so beautiful. :D

And one more thing before you go, just watch this adorableness.