Thursday, August 9, 2012

I've been told I'm fearless.

I have a friend who believes, apparently, that I am fearless, because every evening, and whenever I can, I go up to the barn to visit Siaga, climb in his stall, and sit on his back. No saddle, no bridle, no halter or rope or anything. Just horse... and me. It's my equine therapy.

I told this friend, no, it's not that I'm fearless, just that I love it so much that I'm willing to risk everything for the chance to ride. And it's true.

Yesterday Siaga and I had our second lesson with my instructor, and he was so much better. He's really starting to listen to my seat, requiring less and less input from the reins, we even walked one of the starting patterns of a first level dressage test!

And then came the part that really scared me. Kathryn put Siaga on a long line and we lunged at a trot, with me riding. We were working on my rising trot.

I. Was. Terrified.

But I pushed through it, lift ribs, ride the trot to ask him to pick up the pace, click click, and we were trotting, no spanking or leg signals involved, he picked it up when I asked. Granted, I can't hold a trot on him like I can on Spirit or Arwen (Rose, the horse I started my lessons on, her name has been changed) where I can go and go and go on them, but fear just really squeezes my innards all to heck and back on Siaga. But, I was brave, and I asked for it anyway. I didn't fall off, though I almost did a few times. Each time my balance started to slip, he would stop, wait for me to right myself.

Didn't I say he'd shape up into a nice riding horse some day? We're getting there. :)