Friday, July 13, 2012


It went like this.

So we get Siaga in the trailer after a little bit of cajoling and drive to the barn, wait around for half an hour for someone to get there (aka the instructor) and then put him in cross ties in the wash stall away from the other horses and groom and tack up there. Surprise: Siaga has no problems in cross ties unless other horses are around or he feels like you're gonna leave him all alone.

We lunged and got some bucks out. And then I got on.

We had a few sticky spots and Kathryn helped me guide him through those. He threw one little buck at the one pony outside of the arena and squealed, but didn't unseat me at all. By the end of the two hour lesson, we were working on trotting.

Kathryn rode him some as well and it was weird to see someone else riding Siaga.

Anyway, I did get lots of video but Brenda accidentally took my camera with her so it will have to wait. D:

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