Monday, December 10, 2012


So Siaga is no longer living here with me. My riding instructor, Kathryn, called me a few weeks ago to say that she's moved to a new barn that's closer to me and said she needed some help and she'd be glad to give Siaga the last stall if I'd come out and do stalls and feed a few days a week.

So last Thursday was moving day and Siaga and I now have an indoor arena and an outdoor arena, lots of fellow horses, lots of trails, etc, to play on.

We rode in the indoor on Saturday, and he was behaving so well! I had a lot of fun playing "snake" and winding around the puddles on the floor (I guess the roof leaks a bit in places) and he was moving off my seat and woahing and going and changing direction with all the ease of a well trained dressage horse. Or maybe not quite that well, but he's getting there!

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