Monday, June 17, 2013

Trust me, you haven't missed much

It's been forever, I know. But then, I've barely even looked at my horse this year. Since I've started school, and I'm working two part time jobs (though one has the hours of a full time job, somehow) I've got maybe two miles worth of riding in this year. But that's going to change, I promise!

We are currently in the middle of renovating my barn so that Siaga can come home from the barn I've been working at and so that I can also leave that barn. We are expanding his stall, the pasture, creating a run in shelter, putting up new fencing, fixing holes in the roof, fixing wall beams, and so on and so forth. Siaga will be returning home in the first few days of July.

One thing that did happen that I should have blogged about was my trip to Last Chance Corral in Athens, OH. Since my dream is to open my own horse rescue (probably not around here, I'd really like to move to a warmer place with less dramatic winters and a lot of my ancestral heritage (perhaps New Mexico or Arizona?)) it was really amazing to go there.

The place sits on like a single acre of land in the Appalachian foothills of Ohio, with the house and the foal barn atop a cliff overlooking the single turn out paddock. The paddock is front and center, with two curved hills to either side that lead to the house and foal barn directly above. On these hills are the two "big horse" barns. All the horses are turned out together, but there was no skirmishing or fighting, only a love of life.

Honestly the whole place was amazing and I'd really love to go back one day, and I can't wait to build my own little horse sanctuary.

Can't forget the pictures! Enjoy!

This is the trailer load of donations that we took with us. It might have started out as a small two person road trip, but it ended in a community donation of 50 bales of bedding, tons of blankets and horse tack, horse treats, and foal milk/colostrum replacement, and a hearty dose of monetary donations as well!

The view from the road as we pull in. Willow trees everywhere.

The house and foal barn sitting above the paddock. The cliff isn't that huge, but it's enough. :)

Frolic and play! The big horses!

BABY BUTTS!!! They all seems to think that if they turn their butts to the crazy humans, the crazy humans no longer exist.

But not all were scared of people. This little tyke, named Paparazzi, a TB/Arab orphan who's mommie died when she had him premature, though not feeling well at the time, was inquisitive and loved attention and nuzzled me quite a lot and I loved every moment of it. I wish I could have brought him home.

And of course, at least one of us couldn't leave without taking a baby home, so Jeni came home with this TB/Draft cross, a lovely huge bay fellow she named Comet. :)

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