Friday, October 25, 2013

Saving for a Rainy Day

So I've been saving my money. I've got a savings account that I opened with a mere $100 and I add to it every pay day. This savings account is my "Rainy Day" fund. But I don't mean "Rainy Day" like "in case of emergency."  No, indeed.

Since I've been attending school for business, I've started to see a slow rise of expectations in myself, this gathering of hope and joy and awe for the knowledge that my rescue I've been aiming at for so long will finally be coming to fruition within the next ten years or so. I've been thinking up names... because names give me a feeling of a solid goal to work towards, something more specific than just "my rescue." "Rainy Day Rescues" is one of the many. It's far to soon to settle on one, however, so I'm not going to list them all, I just wanted to share with you all this little tidbit of how I'm coming along.

In other news, Siaga is getting fat and is a happy hoofer, and while I don't necessarily want him fat, I prefer fat over winter than skin and bones over winter, of course, so we're stocking up as much as we can. :)

I have a new tack box that started out as a 4'x4'x4' shipping crate, and the back of the barn is cleaned out for hay storage. I've got a round bale out side under the shelter he's munching on, and one inside that I use to hay him for over night, though he doesn't eat as much at night as he does in the day, so the outside bale is inevitably going far faster than the inside bale!

I haven't been riding much, but maybe this is a weird confession to be making. I love horses, and I love riding, but it's not the riding that does it for me. It's that simple bond, that trusting feeling I get. Riding Siaga makes me nervous and I'm sad to say that because of that I don't ride as much as I should. I am simply happy to be around him and take care of him and give him a happy life... though that nervous feeling isn't going to stop me at all from eventually learning to canter with him. I can canter on many other horses, I just get in my own way with Siaga. If I had the money for a trainer, I'd have him go to the trainer for a month just to get his directions and everything down. He's still so green, even though he's a wonderful fellow on the ground. I don't know. I'm considering starting mild endurance training with him in the spring, which will help give us the miles needed to relax us both lol.

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