Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's almost spring

And I can't wait.

I've been correcting Siaga's (my horse) problems one by one and while he still has issues he is getting so much better. I've ridden him some but he really isn't broken yet. So, next time I get to go to Triple S and see him, I am going to start riding some too.

I think first I ought to teach him to back up under saddle and to turn left or right. What's the point in having a gas pedal, after all, if there is no brake system or steering? While the backing up will be the main point of the lessons, I know he has to learn to go forward too, so I may only have him back up for a few minutes and then go into turning left and right, then let him walk forward and practice stopping and turning throughout going forward at a walk.

If I feel comfortable with him while riding in a saddle, I am going to remove the saddle but leave the saddle pad and put on the surcingle and ride like that, where he will be able to feel how I'm sitting.

It will be hard, but I also have to remember to keep a good form while I'm riding. Shoulders down and back, chin up, back straight, hip bones down, down, down, heels down, down, down. Also, I must remember to keep my arms in. If I am well balanced, it makes it that much easier for him to be balanced.

After he is relatively able to be ridden, I am going to start desensitizing him to things we might find out on the trail, like water ways, ditches, logs, and steep hills. That ought to be fun.

While Siaga is a decent jumper, he does much better with low laying things that stick up off the ground. However, he has never jumped with a saddle on, let alone with me on. Not only has he never jumped while carrying a saddle or a person, I have never jumped on horseback. I will have to borrow a horse from someone, likely Shannon, and learn to do simple jumps so that I know what it should feel like and how to keep my balance on a balanced horse and a better idea of what to do on one that isn't balanced. Oh boy.

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