Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stiff Leather

So I got my other two bridles and my surcingle today from my parents house.

The leather bridle, having been stored in the garage, is very stiff but not beyond repair. I'll start working the cleaning and softening of it after this post. My newest concern is that the tom thumb bit that is already on it will be a bit hard to remove.

The cheek pieces come down, loop through the bit openings, double back, and has a leather lacing that holds it together. The thing is, while I know I can UNTIE the leather laces, I don't know that I can RETIE them after replacing the tom thumb with loose o ring snaffle.

Also, I will be testing the durability of the nylon bridles buckles to see if it will be safe and secure if Siaga starts fighting it. I am also considering just using the bridle to attach to the hackamore instead of clipping it to the halter. At least he will look more stylish. :O

By the way, when I say a hackamore, I don't mean those nasty mechanical hackamores. Yuck.

This is what I mean I refer to the hackamore I use with Siaga, which isn't a real hackamore, but called an Indian hackamore:

So you can see that when the rein is pulled on the left side, it tightens a little on the right tide and causes pressure enough to tell the horse to move to the left, and when the pressure is let off, it slips back to 'neutral.'

Well. This ought to be fun.

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