Thursday, April 22, 2010

Haven't posted in a while

Yes, I know. I also haven't seen Siaga since I rode him. I would really love to get down to see him, maybe this weekend, who knows.

I dreamed I rode him last night. Oh it was glorious. I dreamed that I was riding him around my parents property then turned him to go trail riding through the neighbors woods.

I miss him very much, he has always been my shoulder to cry on, or rather, my mane to cry into. It's so stressful not seeing him everyday like I used to, but its hard right now.

I put in an application at a nearby CVS so that I can fund my upcoming overseas vacation (Not this summer am I going, but next summer, I'm going to Sweden) anyways, that way I will also be able to afford to go visit him more often. It's not like it really costs all that much, being only a ten dollar trip, but that spare ten dollars is a challenge to find.

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