Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Money -should- grow on trees

Because I could really use some. Spring shots are coming up, and those are going to cost about $60 or $65, I can't remember which. Thank God Siaga takes shots like I do, though. He's super calm about them. HOWEVER. The farrier is coming out tomorrow and is gonna look at Siaga's feet, which ought to be interesting, but if he decides they need trimmed and balanced (which I already know they do, since it's been a -long- time since he's had a trim) that's going to cost $25.

On top of all of this, I've decided that I need a car right now, so that I can visit Siaga more often. I've found a good possibility right here in Kettering, and for only costing $900, it looks like its in really good condition. However, I only have about $850, So I'm -hoping- that Jonathon or someone can spot me the extra $50 I need, and going to have to tell Jonathon he has to pay for Siaga's shots and feet, too. :(

It saddens me, however, that I'm going to have to use my Sweden Money to buy the car, but I really can't keep delaying in the hopes that my grandma's house will sell so that her husband can buy a new truck and give me his old car. I do, after all, have a horse that has to be trained.

The goal is still to be on the trails by the end of summer, but we shall see how that is going to go. After all, for a going-on-six-year-old, he is only saddle-broke in the absolute -lightest- sense of the word. I'm still quite proud of how well he did on that first ride though. :)

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