Thursday, May 6, 2010

To Dream a Dream of Freedom

Lately I've been really interested in the sport of endurance riding. I know Siaga is no where near ready to take that challenge, but someday, he will be. Even if I never get to do an endurance race, there are long trail rides and camping trips that sound 100% fantastic.

I'm actually currently sitting in my traditional art instructors class room, and I'm looking at a painting he did. I'm not sure where it is of, but there's a rich blue sky with puffy cumulus clouds. In the distance, there's foothills coated thickly with evergreen trees, and in the foreground, the viewer seems to be standing on a rocky ledge, in a bit of a horse-shoe shaped canyon, looking down into a crystal-clear lake.

It's so beautiful. I want to travel all over the place on Siaga, just to see what I can see. Someday, I hope I will have ridden enough miles to know practically every inch of Ohio and Indiana. It isn't likely, but it's a beautiful dream to have. I want to see pretty places and I want to see them with my horse. After the life he's had, he deserves it, and since I'm an artist, I merely want to see it.

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