Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here we come.

Soon, I will be ending my first year of college, and I don't have internet at home. It will become much less frequently that I read the blogs I follow and much less frequently that I make a post.

My last day is next Tuesday, which means I have one week in which to pester you all with mass updates and plans for Siaga.

Speaking of plans for Siaga, I might give him a bath on Saturday, since it is going to be hot and muggy.

Yesterday, I began teaching my boyfriend about horses. It's such an anxiety trip for him when he takes me to visit Siaga because he's so afraid that Siaga will hurt me and that he won't have any idea what to do. So, I told him how to interpret a horse's body language to best assess what will be the next move they make. He also learned a lot about herd dynamics and hoof anatomy. Here's to hoping I can pass my passion on to him so that he becomes more comfortable with horses and more capable to assist me if I need help with anything. This means first I have to teach him to recognize a horses body language directly from the horse, and not from a mere description of mine. Then, I start teaching him to lead, groom, and handle a horse. I told him if he could lead and groom and tack up Siaga, he could just about do the same with any horse.

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