Friday, December 17, 2010


Went in today and never even took my boy out of his stall. I gave him a brushing and combed out his mane and worked on picking up his feet. He's so good about it with me! I say "Hoof" and give his leg a nudge and he picks it right up and holds it up for me. The farrier, different story. Arg! I may have to learn to trim hooves just so that his feet stay up-to-date!

I also got a kick out his "head banging." I walked a little way down the aisle, turned around, and saw that he was bobbing his head at me, so I did it back to him, and then he paused for a second, and did it harder! It was so cute. So now I'm not only teaching him "Smile!" But "Yes!" as well.

And I discovered that the horse in the next stall over, Paige, I think, has a vice of weaving in the stall. That was the first time I've ever seen a horse weaving, and I really hope Siaga doesn't pick up the habit. -Knock on wood!-


  1. yes she does weave, it's very concerning to me as well. Rosie's been moved to the large stall in the stud barn for the winter, but Bonnie is still next to paige.

    I'm going out this weekend to give my girls their Christmas love, I'll snuggle on Siaga a bit too.

  2. :D I'm sure he'll love that. I gave him some peppermint goodies for our 'anniversary' and for Christmas.