Sunday, June 26, 2011

He says: HAY!

Went to get hay today. Prices have risen at my normal hay supplier from $3 a bale to $4 a bale. Went there expecting to shell out $42 for 14 bales (as that's about all I have space for) and ended up paying $56 for 14.

Got the grass mix instead. It's nice and greeeen and smells delightful, and Siaga was fairly quivering with anticipation when we backed the trailer into the barn.

When I was done I cut open a bale and tossed him a couple flakes, which he happily dug his nose into. :)

Pretty boy likes his hay. And now maybe he will calm down further with there being only trace alfalfa in it instead about 50/50.


  1. Nothing better than hay in the barn. I'd start to stock up for winter now if I was you. Prices are only going to go up as there will be shortage because of all the rain.

  2. I don't have room for any more than 14 bales at a time in my barn. There's too much stuff and too many holes in the roof that I can't fix and that no one else will.