Thursday, June 9, 2011


My grain bucket was open again this morning. There must be like... a whole family of coons living in my barn. Or something. Because I even sat something heavy on it this time, but it was sitting nicely on the ground and the lid removed and another day's portion missing.

Good thing I'm not planning on continuing to feed him grain, which he doesn't need right now. After this stuff, I'm going to be switching him to all hay, which will mean that he'll get a little more hay than normal every day, but that's ok. He needs the extra bulk, I think. I just can't get him to cover those ribs up, though he's plump in every other area.


  1. Worm him again - even out of rotation. Make sure it covers tape. Remember I highly doubt he was being wormed regularly at all. I mean when asked "when was the last time you wormed?" I got an "I don't remember" WTH !?!?!

  2. I wormed him a few days ago with fenbendazole or whatever in it. Safe Guard.