Monday, January 9, 2012


Well. Rain rot is gone. Or seems to be. No more scabby bumps, and none seem to be forming back. Thank you very much, MTG.

For his weight, he's gone from a 3.75 back up to about a 4. I refuse to ride him still, want him to get enough weight back on to actually look like he could handle it. I know he could now, but hey, I waited 6 years or so to swing a leg over that back, I can wait another month or whatever until he's filled back out a bit.

I'm beginning to accept that I'll probably never cover up those ribs I always see (as he ends up with signs of being too fat every BUT his ribs (gutter back, plump belly, fatty deposits around rump, tail head, elbows, neck, etc)) but I would like to get his rump and his top line filled back out. Right now he's on a grand total of 4 cups of straight oats and 3 cups of sunflower seeds every day, with about 6 flakes of hay total, too.

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