Monday, January 2, 2012

Diet Change (Again!)

I've taken Siaga off the sweet feed. The horses at the other barn are on whole oats and with an additive of black oil sunflower seeds and/or chia seeds depending on their weight. This is what I'm moving to with Siaga, whole oats and sunflower seeds, with a hoof supplement, as well.

Also, an ode to a new year. Happy New Year, everyone. :)

Resolutions I made last year:

Fit in a size 10 pair of jeans: Check. Made that.
Ride Siaga on the trails by ourselves by the end of summer: Check, made that by mid-spring, and were riding with other people by mid summer (or one other person).

This year:

Fit in size 8 jeans. Working on it. xD
With Siaga, I want to become more comfortable riding bareback.
Master trot and canter.
Start taking dressage lessons.


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  1. Good luck. Be sure you add some sort of multi-vitamin to that. Oats can cause a calcium deficiency.