Sunday, December 18, 2011


I am a horrible horse mom. Over the past weeks, I have been tied up in work and pains and being ill and tired when I get home and then there is the early setting sun and the coooold... and all of this adds up to a horse who's basic needs are met... or so I thought, but much neglect of quality time happening.

Due to this neglect, I had failed to notice that my horse has not been in the best of condition.

When I saw that today was going to be nice, I thought "I might go for a ride today" after all, today is my 7-year-pony-owning-anniversary. And then after I got home from work, Molly the neighbor girl called and asked if I would like to go for a ride with her. I agreed and had my lunch and then went to get the pony.

I realized upon actually getting a good look at him that his fuzzy winter coat has been hiding two things from me. First: he's lost a lot of condition, and a good bit of weight. He's a little bony. Maybe a 3.5 on a body scoring chart. Better than a 3, not quite a 4. I doubled his hay tonight and gave him a bit more grain. I fixed his grain as a warm mash this evening, his first ever warm mash. He gobbled it up like "Dang, woman, why haven't you ever fed me this before?!"

The second thing I noticed is that he has a rather nasty case of rain rot. I peeled off every scab my fingers could find, but my Shapley's MTG is at the other barn where I had taken it for use on Bay's scratches. I'll be bringing that home tomorrow so that I can start treatment.

Needless to say, there was no riding today and will be no riding until his condition improves and his rain rot clears up.


Happy Anniversary, Siaga. Sorry I'm such a bad horse mom.

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