Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First ride of the year! (On Siaga.)

I fought the mud crusade today.

F0und one little rain rot spot left on his hip, but the rest is gone. We lunged and he got out a lot of bucks but I waited and waited on him to put that head down and flex into me instead of out.

For our ride, I worked on the walk exercises K has shown me, even rode some 200 feet or so with my legs stretched out to the side. He's getting used to me using my seat to ask him to walk, at first he completely ignored it and I had to pair it with my usual signals, a slight squeeze or a smooch sound. And I still have to put a hint of pressure on the reins with a "woah" and the "stop" signal with my seat to get him to stop.

When it came time to pass the drive way and go down the hill... oh boy. Suddenly, I'm sitting on a horse stuck in reverse!

It took me about 20 minutes to convince him that we were going to go down that hill. But over all, it was an ok ride.

Getting a good look at him now, I feel confident in saying that he's gained his weight back and now it's a case of rebuilding his muscle tone that he also lost.

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