Monday, May 14, 2012

Compare: January to May

I know the first picture is a little difficult to see, but the bones of his hips, spine, and ribs are sticking out, and the sides of his back on either side of the spine where the saddle sits lost a lot of muscle (all of him did, actually, but it was most noticeable there) and became hollow, and now the weight tape (from today) says 932lbs (up from 890ish last time a few weeks ago) and bones can be felt easily but not really super visible. Muscle tone is coming back and improving. And then... look at that shine. This is pre-groom. This is before any brush touched him, before any fly spray. :D

Proud of how far he's come on the health scale. Anyone care to rate his body score? I'm thinking 4.5. lol

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