Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm going Primal

If I asked you, what does a lion eat? Or a bear? Or a horse? Or a shark? You could tell me. Lions eat meat. They are designed to kill and eat meat. Bears eat meat, too, but they also enjoy some plants. They are designed to be omnivores. Horses eat grass and other plants, they are herbivores and designed to eat plants. Sharks eat fish and other sea life... because... well, that's what they are designed to eat!

What are humans designed to eat? Twinkies? Ice cream? Candy? Nope. Not at all. Bread? Actually, no. Humans aren't meant to eat grains at all. In fact, horses aren't either, except for the small amount they have in seasonal times, but I'll get to that in a moment. Humans aren't meant to eat pizza (though I admit it is DELICIOUS) or pasta, or bread sticks, or cookies, or brownies, or chocolate, we aren't even meant to eat corn!

Going back to the horse thing, my pets have problems with their health, and I feed my house cat, my horse, and the dog grain free foods. My horse, grain causes excessive hotness in him, or at least, what he does manage to digest of it does. The rest passes through completely unharmed. Money for that grain right down the drain. My horse already has issues keeping his weight up because he is reactive and not a generally calm horse, this makes him hard to keep. My secret for putting weight on him? No grain. All the hay he will eat and all the grass I can give him, and then several cups every day of timothy pellets and a vitamin calmer.

The dog and cat, yes, I know what you are thinking. OF COURSE the dog and cat are grain free! Why would you feed them grain?! They eat dog and cat food right? That's meat based! ... Uhm, no. It's not. Read the label. If the first ingredient is corn meal, wheat middlings, brewers rice, or anything like that... you're feeding your dog or cat very unhealthy food.  Often it will say the first ingredient is meat, and therefore the main ingredient, but if there are 2 or 3 different types of grain products after that listed, they probably overall make up more of the food than the meat does, still. My cat and my dog are kept on Taste of the Wild Grain free food. The main product is meat, with fruits and veggies after that, which ARE healthy for them, so long as they get those in moderation.

So... I feed my animals grain free diets for their health... so why am I eating all these grains myself? I'm trying to prevent future problems and fix current ones. I'm going Primal.

Learn about Primal Blueprints here: Mark's Daily Apple

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