Saturday, June 30, 2012

Siaga, truely blessed

I've said before how I'm pretty sure Siaga is a gift from above, a being meant to move through life with me. He's been in many near-death situations, including apparent starvation, several bouts of colic, and a near run-in with long wood splinters from a tree struck by lightning.

Last night was different. Last night I wasn't there.

I had to work 12:30 to 9pm at Walmart. About 4:30 or so I had my lunch break and went to sit in my jeep and watch the storm roll in. I went inside before it started pouring.

When I got home dad was waiting outside, and informed me of all of the following: First, we have no power, so if Siaga needs water, you'll have to haul it from the neighbors pond. Second, we hope you have hay in the jeep because there's none in the barn (I had hay.) Third, two trees fell in your paddock. Siaga was outside.

These two trees fell in such a way that Siaga was trapped in a little tiny area, unable to get out of the rain and into the barn. One of the branches went through the roof over the stall (which is sheet metal, basically) and looking at that long spear of a branch, I can't help but think how easily that could have been Siaga. Thanks to my brother and my dad, they got most of the trees trunks out of the paddock and temporarily fixed up the fence.

Siaga is completely, totally, one hundred percent whole, entire, and ok. Not even a scratch.

My dog... on the other hand... got a fish hook stuck in his bottom lip last night and without electricity to see it well, we couldn't remove it, so he got to go to the vet this morning. He's still recovering from the tranq. But he's ok. :)

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