Sunday, June 10, 2012

So Glad

I'm super glad that when I took the opportunity to buy Siaga a new saddle, that I bought a Wintec with the Easy Change gullet system. I only have the extra wide gullet for the saddle, which fit last fall, but it is now too wide since he lost top line condition through the winter. I just placed a bid on the wide size (red) gullet on Ebay, here's to hoping I'll win that.

I'm glad I only have to fork out $10-20 for a new gullet rather than several hundred for a new saddle. Besides, I'm really daggone fond of my saddle. It's certainly the most comfortable saddle I've ever put my bottom in!

For now, I'll double up my pads and use a regular square pad and the fleece pad to help protect his spine. The saddle appears to fit when it's just sitting on his back, even when I girth it down, but once I'm on there it squishes down almost to his withers.

But thankfully, not a big problem! Easy fix, hip hip hooray!

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