Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's all I seem to spend my time doing. It's really amazing how much disrepair happens in a year and a half of no use. ....and in about five years of constant use. Apparently, I never once raked out the hay that fell on the floor. So now I have about three inches of old hay and stray to rake out and haul, one wagon load at a time, to the fire pit to burn.

I've leveled out his dirt floored stall, and dad's given me permission to take sand out of the old sandbox that no one uses to lay in there and level it further. I bought a shallow rubber bucket for grain, a flat backed five gallon bucket for water, and a half inch thick, 4' x 6' rubber mat for his stall. The grain bucket, I already know he's going to pick up and fling around, so I'm going to drag an old tire in there, line the inside with rocks to hold it down, and settle that bucket right there.

Also, I nearly cried when I got the measurement for his stall... because the stall was Amish made to fit two calfs standing side by side, and not an actual box stall, it's a glorious 6' wide by 11' long. lol. I don't even know what to say about that. At least he's tiny though, and has no problem turning around in it. So I'm laying the mat length ways, with an allowence on each side for a foot of bank. He only uses the bathroom on the one end of the stall, anways, and not at the front where his food is.

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