Friday, March 4, 2011

Well, here I am

I'm getting my first pay check today. First thing I get to do is mail out a check for the stable Siaga is in for the month of March. This will probably be his last month in Triple S. Which means I need to call the BO or send her an email and let her know that fact.

Anyways. Next weekend, I'm moving back in with my parents. I do not plan on moving Siaga back there, though. I'm going to look around for other, nearby places to board if the current plan does not come through. I'm really hoping it does, because I need a nearby place to keep him, where I can visit him like, every weekend.

If it does fall through, and I cannot find another nice and cheap place to keep him, I will be forced to bring him back to my parents. Before I do that, however, there are a lot of changes that I want to make for him. First of all, I've got to re-wire the electricity, since dad took the light down after I left. We seriously had our electricity by running multiple heavy duty outdoor extension cords from the garage to the barn, and had it all tied up to hang from trees on it's way to the barn.

Second, I would really like to increase the pasture size, if I can. It's too tiny for an active horse such as himself. I would like to include a healthy dose of the wooded area up there. The only thing is, because it's wooded, grass does not grow well, so it's a good bit of undergrowth and thorn bushes and quite a lot of junk that I'd have to remove that would provide hazards to him.

Third, I need to tidy up that stall. The floor of it is dirt and it doesn't drain well, which means that's nearly impossible to keep it clean. This barn, by the way, is an old style amish barn. Anyways, I plan to shovel it out, now that, a year and a half later, it's dry and cured, and level the floor, or angle it so that anything really wet can flow out under the barn wall. I'm toggling between either laying a hefty layer of pea gravel over the dirt floor, OR laying a cement floor. I'm not sure which to do. Above that, if I use pea gravel, I'll likely lay sand or something, and then rubber matting on the top. On a cement floor, again I'll probably lay sand, and then either rubber matting or look in to getting something like a stall skin, which is highly permeable and helps to save bedding. I just want my stall floor to be comfortable for him, but I want it to be capable of draining well and easy to clean. Any suggestions?

I also need to find a way to store wood shavings. What should I stow them in, so I can buy in bulk? Is it possible to find old dumpsters for sale, or something big like that?

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