Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mysterious plant... poisonous?

So while I was at the barn last night packing up and finding all my stuff (of which I found my cinch and back cinch off of my saddle under someone else sheet, my old lead and halter, my riding crop, tie down, and breast collar, but not my lunge whip, either helmet, my hoof pick, old dandy brush, or spare spunge, and also discovered after I got home that my horse shampoo (which I hadn't yet even OPENED is almost half empty! Gah) Anyways. While there, I was looking at the hay on the floor in the isle way, that another lady had pulled out of the hay she gave to her horse. There was a mysterious plant in it that I thought was Ragwort. I'm not entirely certain, so I've got pictures. I found one on the floor in my own barn, I'm assuming it came from old hay, from long ago, because it's sure as hell not in the new stuff.

Anyways, I've got four pictures, and if you can identify it, I would be most pleased!


  1. Looks very much like dock (or plants related to dock) to me. I don't know if you have that plant normally where you are, and without zoomed in pictures/the leaves it's hard to tell. Also, identifying dried plants is always difficult! But, check that out. Dock is not poisonous to horses (unless they eat large quantities) and they rarely ever eat it, anyway.

  2. Thanks, I looked it up, and that is what it kinda looks like. It's hard to tell on tiny pictures, of course.