Friday, April 1, 2011

He's HOME! Finally!

So at just before 4:30 pm, I leave my house in my mother's Jeep, headed off to where my brother lives. Get lost on the way, call Adam in a panic going "I'm lost! Help!" "Where are you?" "On [blah blah] road by the high school!" (not the high school I went to, of a totally different district.) So Adam got me unlost and I made it to his house by 5. From there we went to the Middletown Mall, and met Jeni, and then I went with her to Triple S. (Yeah. 3 car trips to get me there... one to get back.) I got Siaga out of his stall and ran him in the indoor for a little bit to run off the edge. I attempted polo wraps.. but I figured since he was new to them and since they were a little long (will need to cut a few inches off, I think...) that I would just leave them off incase they unwound and spooked him. Took us about five to ten minutes all in all to get him to cooperate with the idea of getting on the trailer. Once on, he set about eating his hay and calling for his buddies. When the trailer started moving, he settled down. We stopped at an Auto Zone to fix the lights, and I stood in the trailer, visiting and making sure he was all right. Then we were back on the road. ...And we got a little lost, but only because 73 throws a Houdini act. And finally, at about 10pm, we were home, and there I was, unloading a nervous horse in to my front yard in the dark. I took the time yesterday morning to make sure everything was ready in his stall right away, his hay was already hanging, bedding down, water in the bucket. I went to check on him again later before I went to bed. This morning I went up to feed, and it was mind blowing to walk in that barn and he whinnied at me and it was almost enough to make me cry. After that, walking back down the hill, I looked down and saw his hoof prints in the dirt from the night before, and I realized just how much I missed little touches like that. Hair caught in a branch, sprigs of hay in his mane, hoof prints in the dirt, the fog of his breath on early frosty mornings, and of course his neigh. I'm so happy he's home.

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