Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Something Interesting

So earlier today, I answered a question. The question was "Would you rather have something interesting happen, or something good happen?" I said something interesting. Well... that's what happened.

I get Siaga out, lunge him, groom him (which covered me in horse hair and put it in my mouth and every where else) and I saddled him up. Put the leather bridle on and had to make it a wee bit bigger, but it fit well.

Then it took me ages to get up on him. Because he has like no withers and a very flat back, for all that he's narrow, the saddle has nothing to hold onto, and slips and slides a bit unless I tighten it so tight that he wheezes when he breathes. So I have to stand on something to get up there. The problem is... the chair we were trying to use was just down right FRIGHTENING.

So by the time I finally get a leg over, I'm off balance, trying to get situated, have no stirrups, and he dodges sideways and takes a flying leap, straight into a jiggy canter, aimed at the front porch. I nearly pissed myself. I'm off balance still, have no stirrups still, on a horse that's lost his brain, aimed at a foot and a half high cement porch with a roof. I finally settle into the saddle enough to lean back, say "whoa" and give the reins a tug... Nothing. No response. One rein stop time. I got him turned and he spiraled another time around, and then stood still. I couldn't get my stirrups and so mom came over and gave me a hand. After that he settled down.

And we walked all over the yard, and I found that I could use the reins a lot less than the last time, and found he would start the curve and turn process with a shift of my weight, but would still walk forward, like in a really BIG wide curve. We even got a bit of a walk on the road, and around the garden.

Well that's all I wanted to say. :)

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