Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh the lessons we learn...

Let's see... What have I learned today?
1. Putting up fences, even short stretches, is hard work.
2. You are likely to be cut by wires when putting up fence.
3. Stacking firewood in the heat as dad cuts it is also hard work.
4. Even if you don't burn easily, when working outside in a tanktop under a hot sun for several hours, you need to wear sun screen.
5. Wood has sharp edges, and, when swung carelessly about, will scratch you if it can.
6. This is why you wear gloves, jeans, and something more substantial than a tank top. I had on capris. At least I had gloves.
7. Gloves also make poison ivy harder to get.
8. Siaga really, really, really likes spring grass.
9. If I saddle him up and attempt to mount up by myself, it goes a lot smoother than with multiple people trying to help me get on him.
10. Siaga's a real gentleman under saddle when we aren't walking on grass.
11. He really likes riding in the corn field.
12. He only tolerates riding on the road.
13. Steep ditchlines are a cause for alarm when carrying a very heavy weight on your back, but don't worry, you'll get up (or down) it without losing your cargo.
14. Siaga has a beautiful trot. I know this because I rode it. It took me three seconds to get him trotting along in the feild and he seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. He almost floats. It's a little bouncy, but not terrible, and it's easy to post to.
15. The grand finale... after all that, it's VERY nice to take a cold shower.

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