Saturday, April 9, 2011

Brave? I think so.

I've been asked if I'm a thrill seeker. Do I like roller coasters? Yes. Do I think climbing on the back of a horse who's 7 years old and still greener than spring grass is fun? Yes. But no. I'm not, not really. I guess those are exceptions to the rule.

Anyways. If it's not terribly muddy tomorrow and I can ride without sopping up the front yard, I will. And not just a pace the yard ride, either, because if that's all Siaga and I do, we'll get so bored of riding it won't even be funny. So even though it's supposed to be god-awefully windy tomorrow, and 82 degrees, we're going for a ride on the road. Just a little walk.

There's just something about that sound. The sound of horse hooves on the pavement, that clip clop. That sound of leather creaking and horses breathing and the feeling that comes with it all. I've missed it.

I'm so ready to have that back.

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