Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So the saddle...

Obviously we have an issue with that sucker. So I'm going to try a few things before I give up the ghost and start saving for a new one to fit better.

First, I'm going to try putting a leather latigo from one of my older saddles on this one. The leather won't stretch like the nylon one will. Hopefully this will solve my saddle slipping problems.

If it doesn't, and it still slips around too much, I'm going to buy a Navajo saddle blanket from TSC and see if a thinner pad that is less slippery on the bottom and not as fluffy will allow the saddle to sit closer and hold better.

If the problem persists STILL... I'm going to try my other saddles on him, because I think they are all different sizes. I'll take measurements to see whats what and then put them up and see what happens.

Also, I'm hoping that one of the first two options will solve my situation, because I really like my red and black saddle. Also, I was wanting to sell the other two western saddles for money to put toward a nice, lovely, Wintec All Purpose 250 English saddle and then start collecting things for it such as a gullet change system, leathers, irons, and a girth. And maybe a new bridle, too. That would be nice.

And I'm feeling slightly less beaten, but I won't be climbing back on board for a few days yet. I've got to wait for good weather, for one, and for my shoulder to fix itself up right. And my shin.

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