Friday, April 8, 2011

A Fear for Beauty

Beauty is my dog, a lovely Siberian Huskey x Spitz. She's about 13 or 14 years old. She's deaf. She has arthritis and a bad limp. She falls down sometimes. Despite this, she's happy, energetic, and just as loving as always.

I'm afraid her days are coming to a close. I don't know if she will make it through the summer heat, even with her long hair shaved off to make her cooler, and if she does, I really don't think she'll survive next winter. Her time is nearing the end, and if her suffering becomes worse and there is nothing to do for it, she will have to be put down. I do not look foreward to this day. I'm sad thinking about it. She's been there for me when the most prominant deaths in my family happened. She was the one that ran out the door to, who I threw my arms around and cried into her ruff. She's the one who like to go swimming with me in the creek, but hates getting a bath. She's the one who would never bite a human, for any reason, but also the one who hunted and who had to be put on a chain for her hunting habits on the neighbors chickens. (Gah...)

I hope that her remaining time with us is happy and lovely, and that when her time comes, she is peaceful and I hope that she will go in her sleep, so that I don't have to watch someone kill her. I'm going to miss her when she does go. She's been with me since I was in the second grade. That's about 12 years. Plus the year and a half of her life before she came to us.. she's almost 14. Gods, I'm going to miss her.

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