Friday, July 15, 2011

Ahaha... Ack!

So I make my way to the vet's office to pick up Beauty's pain medicine and Siaga's sedatives.

Lady hands me a baggie.

Room full of people and dogs and cats are all listening close when she say's "Here's your horse tranquilizers!"

Yes, I know, I'm in a vet's office. There's a perfectly good reason for buying horse tranquilizers. And it's perfectly understandable to be buying them at the vet's office.

I still felt weird. Also, it was INSANELY easy to get hold of these. I mean, all I said was, over the phone, no less, that my horse is terrified of the farrier and that I was wondering about getting a sedative for him. And ta-daa. I'm well aware that some horse tranquilizers are making their way around drug addicts, who shoot themselves up on them. So it's a little unnerving that they are so easily obtained.

I mean, they didn't even ask about which horse, though only Siaga is on our account there, but still. I could have gotten a new horse between 5 years ago and now (when last they saw Siaga.) Guess it's just a little strange seeming is all.

It's not Ace, at least. They wouldn't give me that, as they want that to be given IV and I only know how to give a shot IM. Anyways, that reminds me. There's a lot of liquid in the vial. Lady said to give him the whole thing. Didn't even ask how big he was. I'm thinking I might give half of it on one side and half on the other just because there's so much liquid in it. :/


  1. Hahahaha! Gotta love vets ! I hope he does fine for you.

  2. Me too. His feet are terrible! It has to be done, preferably sooner rather than later. Like much sooner.