Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hoof care. It sucks.

We shall soon be having another meeting with the farrier. It'll be a new farrier, who Siaga's never met, but I know already that he's going to know he's the farrier and he's going to be scared. He always is, no matter how calm everyone else is.

Soooo I talked to the vet today and I'm going to be given a vial of Dormosedan to give him by IM shot, and apparently a vial of paste for later. Or something like that. I'll learn more tomorrow when I get to the vet's office.

I'm thinking this hoof trim will be calm, and I've read a lot of good about Dormosedan that horses learn lessons very well while sedated, and it will be good to have him learn that the farrier isn't going to kill him with those nippers or that rasp.

Hope, hope, hope.

PS: Today I had a job interview at my work place, for a promotion. I'm so excited. If I get it, it'll mean more hours and a pay raise. Yay!