Sunday, July 10, 2011

Around the block we go!

And in the country, "around the block" means at least two miles. We're working our way up. We rode all the way around and by the end of the ride he was quite tuckered out and walking placidly on a loose rein.

We had only one big excitement when we passed between two pastures of horses. We were on the side of the road and the horses were all excited and racing the line and it made Siaga excited and I had to employ the one rein stop a few times to prevent him bolting and trying to jump into one of the other horses pastures.

But I kept him in check and urged him past them.

The next excitement, not nearly so big, he stepped on a plastic water bottle and it exploded under his foot. He tensed up and got his haunches under him and I picked up the reins and said "woah" and he relaxed right away. Then we went on our way. :)


  1. You can't fault him for the running horses. It's the whole herd mentality - they are running, something must be going to eat us, so I gotta run too.

    At least you stayed on! One better than me.

  2. haha. He was excited because they were calling to him and trying to tempt him to come over. He reaaaally wanted to. But I was prepared for it and was ready to whip him around in a one rein stop if he tried to bolt, good thing, since it ended up being needful. He also saw his first goat ever at that point, and that made him a little nervous, too.