Sunday, November 6, 2011

I don't understand

This morning I woke up an hour early (to compensate for the return to Standard time) and went to feed the horses and pick their paddocks before swinging home, changing my clothes, picking up my nephew, and hi'ing off to the Humane Society.

We returned home without a puppy. Why? It wasn't because they thought we couldn't afford it. It wasn't because they thought we were bad people or wouldn't take care of it. It wasn't because we had too many pets already.

It was because we don't have adequate yard fencing to keep an inside dog.

Wait, what?


No fencing, no inside puppy. No puppy at all. I explained that we could line the horse paddock in the back yard if necessary (entirely possible) but that he would be an inside dog primarily and would be only outside on a leash when going for a walk or doing his business.

Dad was so upset he called them and asked why they would rather keep and euthanize a happy, energetic, sweet puppy rather than let him go to a good home that would take care of him and keep him in even better conditions than the shelter keeps them in? (Have you ever been in one? They stink. Like really bad. And the puppy needed a major bath, his coat was thick with grime and just yuck. It's not that it's a bad place, just that they can't keep them all in 100% entirely ideal conditions.)

He asked "Do we need a kennel to have an inside dog?" The lady he talked to on the phone said "No you don't need a kennel."

So I don't understand.

She's supposed to call back later or tomorrow to give us an answer, and if it's no, then I'm going to keep thinking that that little darling that sat on my foot with his head on my knee and his eyes staring into mine won't get a good home and will be put down because there isn't a better home for him.

I'm confused and upset and sad. This sucks.

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