Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mom, I'm ITCHY!!

My poor little Helden-pup has been itching up a storm. I look him over and I can't find any fleas or flea poo. I treated him for fleas anyways, and treated the carpet with a spray and have been vacuuming like crazy, even got Greedy-cat a flea collar, for after she recovers from her surgery that she had three days ago.

So my attention is now turning to other possibilities that could be causing a skin reaction. My first thought is that he might have dust allergies, and the best way to deal with that is keeping the house meticulously clean. (And when you live in the country, and have a wood burning stove that constantly spits out ashes, that's basically impossible unless you do nothing but clean all day, every day.) And another possibility is that he may be allergic to the Sodium-laurel Sulfate in the puppy shampoo I used on him, so I ordered him an all natural, organic, hypo allergenic puppy soap on a natural pet store online.

I also thought that maybe he's allergic to corn or grain products in his dog food, because dogs don't naturally eat that sort of stuff, and they are known allergens in many dogs. I'm too poor to invest in Blue Buffalo, but I've found a comparable (and cheaper, costs about the same as Purina One, which I am feeding him now) chow called Taste of the Wild at Tractor Supply that I will switch him to.

I also want to switch Greedy to a grain free diet, and see if that helps control her vomiting.

As for Siaga, I brought home more hay from work and he started coughing again, so I completely immersed it in water yesterday, instead of spraying it down, and the water (though the hay did not seem dusty or moldy) was a rather murky green brown gray color. It was gross.

Heres to hoping that I solve my otherwise healthy pets problems, eh?

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