Wednesday, November 16, 2011

nervous nervous

I live just outside a small town. A really small town. Population: Maybe 30. In the last seven years, there have been two homicides within walking distance from my house. In the last seven years, our house has been broken into twice, and it was me to find the place destroyed both times.

Lately, strings of robberies have been happening almost rapid fire around here. Our neighbors boat was stolen for scrap metal last night, and there have been a few houses broken into, even one today.

The other day when I was taking out trash, there was a green truck parked outside my house, at the corner of the property. Not only parked, shut off. The person turned the truck back on and left when I came out of the house.

I'm getting scared that I'm going to come home to a complete wreck. I even think about taking my laptop with me to work every day, just because it's a really expensive Mac and so much of my life revolves around it.

I worry that I'll come home to find my barn stripped of metals or the puppy or the horse stolen or whatever.

The only plus side is that I have sporadic hours at work and could be home at any time. But I still worry.


  1. Stay safe! and I WOULD be taking my laptop with me where ever I go if there was that much crime going on.

    Next time you see a car sitting like that get the make/model and plate #. Then I'd call the police and just report a strange vehical sitting on your road in front of your house. With the string of incidents that's happened around there I'm sure they will send a patrol out. It's not like your road is populated, or leads to anywhere someone would want to go unless they LIVE on that road.

  2. I looked to see if I could get the number and stuff, but with it sitting on the road, I couldn't, but next time, definitely gonna grab my camera and zoom from the window. I might even be tempted to step outside where they can see me taking pictures so they run like hell. :| not very safe, that, but staying inside and waiting on them to break in isn't either.