Monday, January 24, 2011

Hoof pick!

Finally got a new one. Just the little rubber handled sort that cost $.99 from the Tractor Supply Co. I guess I can forgive the loss of my old hoof pick, since they come cheap, but it's irritating still that I've now lost 2 helmets, a dandy brush (which I bought a new one of,) a sponge, his old halter, his old lead rope (which I bought him a new halter and lead rope set,) my lunge whip, and my riding crop. I mean, I guess I can understand if my stuff gets moved and then no one can remember which saddle the crop goes with or some such, and it going into the lost and found, but I always keep my stuff together, just people move my saddle and everything all over the freaking place.

I hate boarding. I can't wait until I have a place of my own to keep Siaga, where I can keep his stall full of bedding and dry and keep him thrush free and fat and happy, and keep all my stuff in one place. Arg! Oh, my wishful thinking.

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