Thursday, January 13, 2011


Siaga and I had a lot of fun. I was a little panicked, though, when I walked into a silent, dark barn to find that the mare Dice (arab x qh I think) was in his stall, and upon walking up and down the long aisle a few times, couldn't find my boy anywhere! I finally went into the tack room and looked to see if he was in the quarantine stall. Sure enough, there he was, and the only way to get to him was to go outside and open the big back door instead of going there from the tack room, as so many saddles and lengths of ply-board were in my way.

Anyways, Jonathon took a lot of pictures and I've selected a few to show you all, so you can see what we got up to today.

First, after some frisking and rolling in the dirt, a good petting...

And next? A good bit of walking and trotting on the lead to burn off some energy. He was looking at lord only knows what, right before I bumped the line and took off jogging to bring his attention back.

After that, work time. We played on the indoor trail obstacles. The wooden platform gave him the most problems. He kept trying to walk around it, and I kept saying "If you want to go somewhere, you'll have to walk on it."

But he figured it out eventually... (by the end of our session, he was consistently walking across it, though he stretched out his stride as much as he could to get as few of his feet on it as possible...)

After that was the waternoodle thing. I really don't know what to call it. Siaga was less scared of this, but he did hesitate a little at first.

But even though he hesitated and squeezed his pretty eyes shut, he went through without a problem, again and again and again... and again.

Then it was time to pose for the camera... He definitely looks like a quarter horse in this photo.

Then... fun time! He didn't want to smile for the camera, but it's a cute shot all the same.

As a bonus picture, the artsy photo of the day! You can see here that his name is written on his halter.

And finally... Siaga, take a bow, my boy!

So anyways, I got for him at the TSC, a new 10ft. red lead rope, and a new dandy brush. I can't believe they were out of hoof picks, not a one left in the store. I had to borrow from someone else. At least I put it back! :P


  1. hahaha Rosie's stride is so long she steps completely over the "Bridge"

  2. I can imagine! At first Siaga was only stepping on it with his front legs and stretched his back legs enough to clear the whole thing!