Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I get to go see my boy again. The farrier is coming back out and Siaga was supposed to have more work done on his hooves, but I'm not sure if that will be happening or not. I'm still going to work on him and on picking up his feet and take him to visit the indoor tomorrow.

I can't work on riding until I have a helmet to wear and I hate borrowing one from the BO. Hopefully this will be happening soon, and when it finally happens, the helmet will be going back and forth with me to the stable instead of being left there unless I can get myself a tack trunk to keep my stuff in, as people see no problem moving my saddle and my grooming supplies all over.

This reminds me, I have to buy a new dandy brush, as my last one went missing, and hopefully a new rubber curry, as well. I can't stand that people borrow Siaga's grooming equipment and don't return it. I mean, it's ok if people borrow it, but for Christ's sake, put it back. I've now lost, or had stolen, whatever you want to call it, a helmet, a hoof pick, a dandy brush, a sponge, his old halter (discovered it missing when I brought in his new one) and his lead rope, which is nowhere to be found. I may have to convince Jonathon to buy a new one of those, as well, though it seriously pisses me off that I would have to do such a thing, when the old one was perfectly fine. Just can't do anything about it, it seems. I actually had Jonathon write Siaga's name all over his new halter so that people would know it was his, and I hate marking up the halters as I like to keep them looking spiffy.

I thankfully haven't had to write his name on his saddle or his bridle, though. No one seems to want to borrow those, thankfully. (Maybe it helps that my saddle is black leather and red canvas and his bridle has an indian hackamore on it, so no one wants to borrow them for their gaudy silliness?) Hrmph.

I don't see what I can do, short of hanging signs all over his stall door and by my stuff asking them to please clean and return whatever they borrow. Unfortunately many signs like that tend to get taken down.

Oh well.

So anyways, my camera has this wonderful ability to take video, so I'm going to hope that I can get good film of Siaga in the indoor to show everyone how silly and wonderful he is.

Also, if I can catch the farrier while he's trimming tomorrow, I'm going to watch, I think, and start the visual learning process. :)


  1. Well my mares are both missing their halters (new ones) and lead ropes... which ticks me off to no extent. Rosie's lead was natural horsemanship lead - 14 foot long with a snapper. I'm so glad I put their rope halters in my box.

    Also my hay bags (the bag type with the hole to eat from - not the nets) are missing from my trailer. I'd asked that they be hung in the stalls and hay fed in them to slow the girls down. Looks like they were taken from the trailer but not hung. I can't tell you how much I hate boarding =(

  2. That reminds me! I have no idea where his Jolly Ball went, either. XD I now have something else to look for when I get there.