Saturday, February 12, 2011

In the fashion...

Of Endurance Granny, who's blog I follow, I'm going to write a post about why I love my Siaga. :D

Where to begin...

I had just turned 14 when I first got my boy. It was Christmas time. I was so excited to have a horse of my own, especially one I could train myself. (I was so naive...)

When it became evident how much work the little rascal was, I wanted to give up. He would periodically terrify me and make me afraid to even lead him, and then all of a sudden be the most polite gentleman ever to be found. We've worked through a lot of those problem areas, and today, I trust him enough to be in the stall with him, to lead him away from his herd, to climb on his back.

It's taken me 6 years to climb up there. He had so many health problems, from being highly susceptible to colic at the slightest thing, and a few other health problems that arose from my being young and stupid and not knowing that hay grown for cows shouldn't be fed to horses because the horse doesn't get all the dietary fiber it needs from cows hay. I learned that lesson well enough. Anyways. Last year I took him for his first rides, in the indoor arena and the roundpen at Triple S.

We're finally there. This year, I intend to work him harder, ride around the property of whatever stable he's in and work on speed control and transitions and then... finally... get him out on the trail.

But that is just our story. That isn't why I love him.

I love Siaga because of every nicker he ever gave me, every time he whinnied at my voice or when he saw me coming up the hill. I love him for every time he waited at the gate for me. I love him for every time I hugged him, for every time he turned his head around and pinned me to his shoulder during those hugs. I love him for every kiss he's let me place on his velvety nose, every time he's let me slip my hands under his mane or behind the elbows of his front legs to let me heat them up. I love him for every time he's licked my palm for the salt of my sweat, every time he's lipped treats out of my hands. I love him for every time I've sat by him on the ground, my head resting on his belly. I love him for every step he takes, for every time he moves off in a walk, trot, or canter as I vocally direct him, for every sliding, immediate stop when I say "woah," and every smooth decrease of speed at the word "easy." I love him for the way his tail curls into dread locks and his mane does not. I love him for how golden he is in color, and how he turns mahogany when he's wet. I love him for every time he's just stood companionably beside me, every time he's let me lean on him and every time where his strength and solidness were the only things holding me up.

I love him for just being him. I miss my Siaga...

Happy Valentines Day, everyone.

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