Friday, February 11, 2011

Spring is coming around the corner

I saw a robin on my way to work yesterday, yes, WORK! I have a job now. :D

And if all goes as planned, my horse could be moved closer to my parents house soon, hopefully, and then I would be able to stay a few weekends here and there at their house, and visit and work with my boy EVERY DAY. Or every day I'm down there, anyways. Then family visits and Siaga visits will be all rolled up into one thing. FUN!


This spring brings a lot of change with it this year. I'm excited. So excited.


  1. And we got a HUGE step closer to reality yesterday =) Still no "YES ITS YOURS" but bank gave lots of options all livable by us. Now just gotta talk to the other person involved and see what they are agreeable with.