Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day went like this

Busy morning of packing up and getting everything ready. And then Brenda was here with Spirit. It took us about 45 minutes or so to get Siaga to go in the trailer. Normally, he throws a small fit, but typically he gets in after a few minutes. So once in, we shut him in and went to the park, and then spent a few minutes going out of the trailer, and back in, and we did this every time after.

For the most part, the ride was uneventful, but we did have a few oh god moments, where he got too close to trees or took me under low branches or something, but the worst moment was when we got to a small ditch at the bottom of a gully.

First time across, I had to get down and walk him across, where he basically jumped on top of me, though he didn't hurt me at all. And then we got to a log and I got back on, and then on the way back we had to cross it again and .... oh yeah... we flew.

He gathered himself and I sat deep and held on to his mane and the saddle and over we went. He then proceeded to bound up the hill with me holding on for dear life. I was shaking so badly after that, no idea how the heck I stayed on, but I'm seriously glad I did.

We did get in a few minutes of trot, too. And he didn't try to kill me, so that was good. But I still need a lot of practice with that at my lessons.

Back at the trailer, we untacked and he got a bath, and then back in the trailer and homeward bound. And you know as soon I let him out he laid down and rolled like crazy.


  1. Awe - he did great!!!! and so did you! I suggest you put a grab strap on your saddle though =)

  2. haha, yeah, I was thinking HOLD ON! when he went over that ditch. I eventually ended up, going up the hill, hunched over his neck with both hands in his mane, holding on and eyes squeezed shut going "WOOOAAAHBOY"