Monday, April 9, 2012

The Dentist? Say what, mom?

Yup. Siaga will be getting his first ever floating tomorrow morning. I'm nervous, he'll be going to a new place, and in the trailer with the three horses in Brenda's possession, two of her own and one she brought home from the trainer's that she took the third horse to. She's trying to sell this one.

Anyways. I don't have any sedative for him, and Brenda assures me that he'll be just fine, they put horses in stocks and do it so they can't hurt themselves. But I'm still a nervous wreck because just because they can't (or shouldn't be able to) hurt themselves physically doesn't mean they won't, and doesn't at all mean they won't be traumatized by the experience. I'm going to watch the other horses go through it first, I think, so I know whether or not I feel Siaga should get a sedative for this.

It really needs done, since he's never had it done because I couldn't afford it (no kidding, you know how things come up at just the wrong time, like, Yeah, I'll get Siaga's teeth done this month... Oh woops... I got fired, now I have no spare money at all) and and and AAAAAH

So stressed about this.


  1. I would have the dentist sedate him before he goes into the stocks. You don't want his adrenalian (sp) to go up and him fight the sedative if he needs it later. No trauma or fight to begin with.

    You want the dentist guy to be able to get in there and look at everything - better to do that with a sedated horse.

    Just my two cents.

    When I had the mares basic float done - I didn't have them sedated - they've had it done numerous times and I know how they react. When I had dentist back out 7 days later to recheck Bonnie when she stopped chewing I had him sedate her so that he could realy get in there and look. Wasn't sure what he was going to find - a broken tooth, abcsess tooth - or whatever. Was better safe then sorry.

  2. I hope he is feeling better now.