Monday, August 8, 2011

Farrier tomorrow

A little nervous. I know I shouldn't be. Even though he's going to be sedated, I half expect at least a half hearted temper tantrum, since he won't be aced. It's also been a while since a farrier has seen his feet and with the horrible weather I'm not entirely sure what he's going to find.

And of course, considering that lameness, I'm worried about that too, though I haven't seen any signs of it still. Gah. Little stressed out. This week is major busy for me.

Working way more than normal with about 50 hours of work total, instead of 20ish, and then of course dealing with the farrier. I'm just a little spazzy. I keep telling myself everything is gonna be fine.

But... I still have to go... what if? What if it's not?



  1. awww you both will be just fine. Remember if your spazzy he will be three times as spazzy!

  2. That's true, I know. It's just so hard to relax when I keep seeing the farrier with a hoof through his head in my mind. :|