Friday, August 5, 2011

Frustrated so much.

Had some halfway decent weather and the time... so Siaga and I went for a ride. Made about a quarter of a mile before he threw in a really out of no where (no signs before hand) crow hop and bounced me up on the pommel of the saddle, bruised my thigh and scraped my left wrist up. Decide it's the tension in the air as the supposed storm (that ultimately never hit) was collecting faster than I had thought, and get back out on the road to go back, and suddenly he's lame.

Hop off, walk him around, looking looking... not a damn thing. No bobbing head, no obvious limp or lurch. Get him home, look his feet over again, nothing. *sigh* Called farrier. Should be out next week hopefully. Hooooope.


  1. Sounds like he just gave himself a little bruise, but good thing he didn't look lame when you got home! Horses are so good at getting themselves into a little bit of trouble, but it usually works out just fine :)

  2. hehe, so I've noticed! He does need a trim though. Hopefully it was just a slight issue.

  3. Check for heat, both in leg and in hoof (sole). But my bet is he is just fine.