Saturday, August 13, 2011

Whats that noise!

Went for a ride today... Siaga stopped and stared at everything. He stopped and stared at a grasshopper, at a flag, at a barn in which there was a crowing rooster, a tree, a field, a shed, a plastic goose, and a car.

We were going to go for a ride around the block, but didn't get all the way as mysterious noises around the bend in the road had him nervous and I couldn't tell what was going on and instead of advancing and seeing what it was (as I couldn't get him to go any further forward anyways) we stopped there in the road for a while and then turned around and came home, then practiced turning off my leg pressure in the yard until I had him consistently turning when I applied pressure. He's getting better at this, not perfect yet though. I see improvement each time.


  1. Did you figure out what was going on with the strange sounds?

  2. haha, no, but I think it was a group of people renovating a house that's been up for sale for a while.